About Cockapoos


Cockapoos make wonderful pets as they are very loving, kind, intelligent and easy to train. They love fun and are excellent on and off the lead. They are very sociable, love cuddles and having fun with other dogs. As a breed cockapoos are believed to be non to low shedding, hypo-allergenic dogs and therefore could be of interest to those suffering from allergies. Also, being a mixed breed the puppies are less likely to suffer from any heriditary conditions. Please do your research to ensure that this is the correct type of dog for you as we obviously want the very best for our puppies!

Cockapoos generally have wonderful, sweet temperaments and love people and other animals and usually settle well with existing pets. They are also generally great with children but obviously the children must be taught to respect the needs of the puppy too and remain calm near the pup. It is good to expose often to children to get them used to the way they move and the noises the kids make!

What do the letters mean for cockapoo puppies?

F1 Cockapoo: This is where a cocker spaniel parent and a poodle parent are bred directly

F1b Cockapoo: When a cockapoo parent is bred with either a poodle of cocker spaniel

F2: When two F1 cockapoo parents are bred together.

These babies will be brought up in middle of our family home around grandchildren and other dogs and therefore will be familiar with the normal sights, smells and noises associated with family life. They will be beautiful, friendly, lively and inquisitive pups and should grow to the size of a small cocker. They will be lovingly handled from birth which will make them confident and well adjusted around humans.

Newborn 1

The puppies will leave with copies of parents Kennel Club (KC) registrations, health certificates and pedigrees and full vet health check. They will have had their first vaccination and be microchipped and their worming routine will be up to date with Panacur. They will also have food supplied to last for a week or so and a blanket with the smell of mum and the litter to help them settle in.

It is important that the pups go to homes where not everyone in the home works full time where they will not be left alone for hours in an average day and where they will be loved and cherished. They thrive on human companionship and have been nicknamed “Velcro dogs”! If you are looking for a carefully home reared cockapoo pup, please phone for a chat to tell us a bit about yourself and we will keep you informed of the progress of our litters. We only sell our pups to carefully selected homes.

One of our puppies aged 2

To find out more about Cockapoo puppies in East Sussex, contact us

We breed F1 and F1b puppies in the South East, do get in touch if you have any questions

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