About Our Puppies


We are experienced and ethical Cockapoo breeders in Sussex on the South East of the UK. Our puppies are raised with love and care in our family home and it is a wonderful experience watching them grow and develop with their own sweet personalities coming through. Our beautiful cocker spaniels are a credit to their breed, both in looks and temperament. Our dogs are pets first and we do our best to make sure our pups are raised in a family atmosphere, feeling loved and cherished. Every one of our puppies grows up in our home.


Our cockapoo puppies are born in our bedroom and once the mum and pups are ready they take over the downstairs of our open plan family home. As they grow they are given access to the whole ground floor, including a large patio for outdoor play. They are fully integrated into our family life which exposes them to all the sights, sound and smells of a normal home, including TV, hoover and washing machine.


The cockapoo puppies are visited frequently by our grandchildren and other adults and are socialised with our other adult dogs when the pups are of a suitable age. As they grow we begin their toilet training and we encourage bonding with their prospective owners by encouraging visits. Pups are also provided with different types of toys and chews to encourage play, mental stimulation and learning. Play within the litter is important for pups to learn bite inhibition and doggy manners.

License and Legal informTion

Full £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance

We have qualified for a Council licence for breeding in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act October 2018 with a 5 star rating. Our licence is displayed proudly and openly on our wall in our home.

We are proud of of our puppies and many people who have bought them have shared with us how they grow up into wonderful pets.

Cockapoo puppies in East Sussex

Cockapoo puppies in West Sussex

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